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Drill Team

Precision is Our Job

“Drill team represents the best of the cadet corp and is ready for anything at any moments notice.”

– C/2Lt Lopez

Sabre Team

The Ones In The Red

“Sabre Team operates with a level of precision in a way very few know how to.”

– C/TSgt Toranzo

Cyber Patriot

We Know Computers

“Being a part of this team requires precise attention to detail and some rather extreme technical ability.”

– C/2Lt Biewend


We're Capable of it All

“We operate with the highest level of trust and ability in the entire Corp making us best team there is.”

– C/2Lt Conant

Raider Team

The Strength of the Corp

“Our favorite saying in Raider team has to be ‘mind over matter’ which can be true both inside and outside the team.”

– C/2Lt Lesak

APT Team

We Are Aware

“We ensure that the group is properly informed on events and make an attempt to present the group in a good light.”

– C/2Lt Boyd

What is A Special Team?

A special team is a dedicated group of cadets who volunteer their free time towards creating, perfecting, and performing their teams task. These tasks vary from team to team. Drill practices with mock rifles, performing some extremely intricate and detailed drill movements to show off at competitions and public events. Unarmed Drill team performs drill movements without rifles by using their hands and feet to make complex beats and rhythms to accompany their performance. Sabre Team performs with the highest level of discipline and trust as they practice using steel sabres in their performances. Color Guard takes pride in protecting and presenting our nation and state flag in the best possible manner. These are just a few examples of some of the Special Teams that are a part of the CA-20068 Cadet Group. For more information see each team’s individual page in the menu above.

Squadron Leadership

Cadet 1Lt/Perez

Cadet Smsgt/Townsend