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Operations Squadron: The Home of All Cadets

Alpha Flight signals the start of the day always leading the unit into a brand new day or week. A flight might be filled with first-year cadets but they certainly don’t act like there new to the program. They are some of the most well disciplined, respectful and confident cadets you will see lead by their Flight Commander C/2Lt Sillas and Sergeant C/TSgt Norby. They have exceeded so many expectations in 30 Count Drill, Community Service, General Knowledge, and proper uniform wear while also all connecting together and creating the closest and strongest flight. These Cadets are with out a doubt the future leadership within the unit.

Bravo flight, ran by C/2LT Edwin Uglum and assisted by C/TSgt Lucas Del Campo is a very maintained freshmen flight. B flight has excelled in Drill and Ceremonies, specifically their 30 Count Dill Sequence. Bravo flight is one of the most involved flights in special events such as Fun Services and Community Service. Throughout the school year, Bravo flight has exceeded expectations for a freshman flight.

Charlie flight is a mixed flight containing all the high school grades, freshman, sophomores,and juniors. It is led by the flight commander C/2LT Le with the help of the flight sergeant C/TSgt Izadi. Some of our greatest strengths include our high scores regarding quizzes and tests, Drill and Ceremony, and our PT scores.  With higher year cadets, we are able to teach and inspire the younger first year cadets to excel and take on leadership positions. We project the best and the brightest of our unit and although some cadets are more experienced than others we all work together to perform exceptionally in everything we do.

Delta flight, also known as Big D Flight is the primary sophomore flight. This year’s flight is composed of ten cadets, including a junior who is their flight commander. During the school year, their curriculum includes learning about the technicalities of flight, weather, and flight planning.

E Flight is the senior flight of cadet unit CA-20068. We keep the top cadets of the Unit, senior staff, in our flight. During our flight time we make big decisions for the group, plan events, and continue our senior staff meetings if need be. We are the best flight in the unit and no one can beat us!

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Foxtrot Flight is led by the commander C/2Lt Nick Mangold and kept in check for disciplinary purposes by C/MSgt Angel Fredrick. This flight is primarily made up of juniors as Colonel Armstrong desires the teamwork of cadets in the same grade. Although, due to schedule purposes this flight contains only one senior. Within the flight contains multiple juniors who hold important jobs that are a part of one of the three squadrons which contributes to our unit. Additionally, each junior in this flight contains leadership qualities since most of the cadets have been in the unit since their freshman years with the exception of a few. However, that doesn’t abolish the fact that the cadets with less experience display leadership qualities and hold jobs. If you desire knowledge about our unit whether it’s on marching or simply knowing who has what job, Fire Flight is definitely the group to look to.

Special Teams is the 7th period flight in unit CA-20068. We are without doubt the most dedicated period of the entire unit because our members must stay after school to attend our class. Our period counts as another class on our member’s transcripts as well so we attract some of the smartest and most driven cadets. With the inclusion of performing teams such as Unarmed Drill, Drill, Sabre, and Color Guard we do performances all over the desert. There is also other amazing teams such as Raider, Academic, Cyber, and Marksmanship Special Teams is one of the most disciplined and elite parts of JROTC.

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What Exactly Does Operations Do?

In short, the Operations Squadron is responsible for the day to day management and “operation” of the Cadet Corp. This part of the Cadet Corp is run during our school’s normal 6 period schedule with one additional period added on for Special Teams after school. Each of the periods throughout the day are assigned a flight, A Flight, B Flight, etc. In these flights cadets learn both principles of leadership and the most up to date information on aerospace technology. In these flights, the Flight Commander and Flight Sergeant are responsible for the behavior, discipline, inspection grades, and their flight’s participation in the Cadet Corp.

Squadron Leadership

C/First Lieutenant Bonacio

Operations Squadron Commander

C/SMSgt. Stiltz

Operations Squadron First Sergeant