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Mission Support Squadron: The Backbone of the Cadet Corp

What Does Mission Support Do?

“Accounting takes care of and manages all of CA-20068’s expenses and check requests as well as runs the cadet snack bar and any fundraising for the unit. We pride ourselves on being precise and trustworthy as we handle cadet’s checks and cash for various events and items. Additionally, we keep a keen eye on the unit’s bank account and ensure we always have enough money to support the events we’re hosting.”

– C/2Lt Gunthner

“In Airmanship, we have Radio Control Club where we fly a drone every Friday. For the second semester of the school year, every Monday and Thursday after school  we build model aircraft and and present them when we are finished. Then fourth quarter comes around and we go over to Mr.Pikes room and build model rockets. You can build them however you like. Once everyone is done building their rockets everyone plans a launch day and we shoot the rockets for an hour.”

– C/2Lt Deal

“Kitty Hawk Air Society is essentially the National Honor Society of AFJROTC. We’re a distinguished group of cadets who have higher than everage GPAs and we support the unit and the school through daily after-school tutoring for any student on campus. Additionally, we support and run multiple activities for the unit including 30 Hour Famine and Relay for Life.”

– C/2Lt Marenco

“Logistics is responsible for the tidiness and inventory of all things in the unit’s room as well as in storage across campus. This includes but is not limited to the Special Teams closet, Logistics closet, various computers, hundreds of uniform items, classroom clickers, and cadet textbooks. There is never a time that we aren’t busy. We’re always assigning uniforms to cadets, keeping inventory of various items, and cleaning up the classroom.”

– C/2Lt Amba

“Personnel is the unspoken hero of CA-20068. We’re responsible for the upkeep of all 100+ cadets in the unit at any given time. These files are physical copies of what is online in the Wings database and are used to record everything that a cadet does or earns throughout their 4 years in the unit. This includes but is not limited to uniform items, community service hours, ribbons, medals, contact information, and more. After a cadet leaves the unit, we keep their files for another year in the event they wish to take it with them for reference in the future.”

– C/2Lt Dean

“Public Affairs is responsible for the public image of CA-20068 as well as a variety of other things withing the unit. Within the unit we’re responsible for the daily upkeep of the unit calendar as well as event board outside the unit room. We also run daily announcements for the school in order to announce important upcoming event or other items that the school needs to hear in the morning. Outside of the unit we invite the press and other public figures to attend a variety of events hosted by the unit.”

– C/2Lt Felix

“WINGS is the online database that connects our unit to the rest of the Chain of Command. The management of this database falls to the three cadets in the WINGS department, C/SSgt Oporto, C/SSgt Jambezian, , and myself, C/2Lt Hockman. We work closely with the all the other Mission Support departments, particularly Logistics and Personnel, to ensure that the information uploaded to WINGS is up to date and accurate.”

– C/2Lt Hockman

Squadron Leadership

C/1Lt. Manuel Aguayo

C/SMSgt. Austin Reeves