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The purpose of Leadership Camp is to instill in high school cadets leadership values and strategies that they will take with them throughout their high school years and beyond. This is achieved by our cadets volunteering time out of their Spring Break to attend a five day camp at YMCA Camp Whittle in Fawnskin, California. At this five day camp run by Cadet Training Officers(CTOs), who are Senior Cadets, cadets are put through a highly stressful environment with multiple classes, activities, and exercises all based around the concept of making the cadets better leaders. Throughout the week, cadets will learn values such as time management, stress management, traits of both leaders and followers, and most importantly, how to work as a team. Leadership Camp is described by many cadets as the most challenging experience of their high school career but also the most rewarding. Cadets who complete leadership camp come home with a sense of accomplishment and pride about what they had just completed. That being said, Leadership Camp isn’t all work no play. During the camp cadets use many of Camp Whittle’s facilities including the archery range, ropes course, zip line, rock wall, and paintball field.

In short, Leadership Camp is a mix of stress, teamwork, and fun, that many cadets attend every year of their high school career.